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Since the day she learned to string a sentence together Sue Mackay has written stories, and there has always been an element of romance in them. Early on she wrote about doctors and nurses, a precursor to her current medical tales.


When she’s not hunched over her computer writing she loves to spend time walking in New Zealand’s bush-clad hills, kayaking in the Marlborough Sounds where she lives, or cooking delicious meals for family and friends. Throw in wine and chocolate, and she’s happy.

Sue's romances are known for their emotion, and in 2015 she won the RWNZ Koru Award with her book Reunited … in Paris.

Her favourite authors include: Kristin Hannah, Karen Rose, Julie Miller, and especially her duet co-author Louisa George.

Books by Sue


The Italian’ Surgeon’s
Secret Baby
(Mar 2019)


ER Doc’s Forever Gift
(Dec 2018)

All she wants for Christmas … could be right next door!  Sienna Burch finally has the stability she’s longed for and a home to call her own. And as tempting as her new neighbour, sexy ER doc Harry Frost is, Sienna knows he’s bad news! Harry never stays anywhere long – he’s the opposite of what she needs.


Surprise Twins
for the Surgeon

From fling to twins! A holiday fling with sexy surgeon Kristof Montfort is just what broken-hearted nurse Alesha Milligan needs! But when she discovers she’s expecting twins she’ll have to convince Kristof that the magic between them can bind them as a family for ever.


Baby Miracle in the ER

When her ex, sexy doc Michael Laing, revealed he didn’t do commitment, it broke paramedic Steph’s heart. Two years later she’s back in town and thinks she’s moved on – until she meets Michael in the ER and their chemistry is as hot as ever!


Her New Year Baby Surprise

Nurse Emma Hayes was happy to be a surrogate and give her best friend Abbie a baby. She has her own daughter Rosie and everything she needs. Until handsome ER doc Nixon Wright gets under her skin! Having lost his family young, Nixon is wary of falling in love. But there’s something about Emma … Soon he’s fallen under her spell with very unexpected consequences.

Want to read Abbie’s story? Then check out Louisa George’s The Nurse’s Special Delivery.


Baby Miracle in the ER

Kelli Barnett has invented a partner to avoid her parents’ matchmaking schemes. And when her boss, Mac Taylor – the man whose kisses once made her melt – offers to step in as her fiancé for a family wedding Kelli snaps up his offer! Widower Mac believes himself incapable of loving again – until playing Kelli’s fiancé at a beautiful island retreat throws his senses into overdrive.


Pregnant with the Boss’s Baby

Emergency nurse Tamara Washington had everything – until her life was publicly destroyed by her ex. She’s hidden herself away ever since, focusing only on her patients. Then one hot night with her boss Dr Conor Maguire upends her world again…


Resisting Her Army Doc Rival

Infuriating, irresistible army doc Sam Lowe is the last person Madison Hunter wants to work with. He challenges her, and soon the only thing hotter than their rivalry is their growing chemistry! But Maddy hides scars that tell a heart breaking story, and Sam has his own emotional wounds. He’s determined to take his heart with him when he leaves the army base.


The Army Doc’s Baby Bombshell

Surviving a bomb blast together led to an explosive night of passion between army docs Cooper Daniels and Sophie Ingram. But the next day Cooped shipped out, leaving Sophie with a lasting reminder of their desire!


Dr White’s Baby Wish

When Dr Harper White is held at gunpoint in the OR, Cody Brand’s bravery saves the day. Harper’s determined not to fall for her handsome knight, afraid he’ll run when he learns she can’t give him the family he craves. But Cody’s on a mission…to convince Harper to be his!


Breaking All Their Rules

Plastic surgeon Olivia Coates-Clark knew her affair with handsome Dr Zachary Wright couldn’t last for ever, so she ended it before she could get hurt. But when a chance encounter brings them back together she finds herself considering breaking her one rule: not to give in to her reignited desire for Zac! Zac watched Olivia walk away once, but he won’t let it happen again. Alone with her in paradise, he’ll prove once and for all that some rules are worth breaking.


A December to Remember

Arriving in Laos, Dr Ellie Thompson is determined to look to the future. The last thing she expects is to come face-to-face with her past, in the shape of her one-time best friend Dr Luca Chirsky – or to find him so very attractive. Luca knows first-hand that love doesn’t last, and he won’t surrender his emotions to anyone. But after four years apart he’s looking at Ellie with new eyes.


Reunited … in Paris

When Dr Tori Wells arrives to speak at a conference in France, she finally feels as if her dreams are coming true! Until her ex-husband, Dr Ben Wells, turns up unexpectedly. Reunited in Paris, Ben and Tori are forced to share the secrets that tore them apart seven years ago. Dare they take another chance on their future - together?

Winner of 2015 RWNZ Koru award


Midwife … to Mum

Locum midwife, Ally Parker, has never settled down and that suits her. A former foster kid, she’s used to moving on. Her new job is another temporary gig until she meets sexy single dad Dr Flynn Reynolds. It might have started as a fling but soon Flynn and his adorable son have Ally longing to stick around. Can he persuade Ally that she’s finally found her forever family?


The Family She Needs

Nurse Karina Brown only has room in her heart for one guy: four-year-old Mickey. Running a small-town surgery and looking after a little boy with Down’s syndrome isn’t easy, but Katrina wouldn’t have it any other way! Until Mickey’s co-guardian, gorgeous Dr Logan Pascale, moves in to their home – determined to sell up! His heart is on lockdown but soon, united in their love for Mickey, Logan and Karina are falling for other too! Can Karina persuade Logan that everything he needs is right under her roof already?


A Family This Christmas

The sleepy town of Havelock is the last place Dr Jenny Bostock wants to get stuck in over the holidays. Her whole trip has been designed to escape the heartbreak of a family Christmas. But when an adorable boy crashes into her on his skateboard- closely followed by his twin and stressed-out (and seriously sexy) single dad, Dr Cameron Roberts - Jenny’s forced to put her travelling plans on hold. And the longer she stays with Cameron and his two little boys, the harder it is to leave…


The Midwife’s Son

Men are off the cards for midwife Jessica Baxter! Juggling her career and her adorable son, Nicholas, is as much as she can cope with right now. Yet when hot-shot international doctor Jackson Wilson sweeps her off her feet at a wedding Jess is unable to resist spending the night with the dishy doc! Jess knows anything long-term is out of the question – Jackson’s only in Golden Bay temporarily- but when Nicholas starts getting attached Jess begins to dream of so much more…


A Father for Her Baby

Kind-hearted nurse Sasha can’t wait to be a mother to her unborn little girl! So the last thing she needs is handsome heartbreaker Dr Grady O’Neil back in her life. Their chemistry has never died, and something about Grady has changed, but can Sasha risk her heart again? And can he really be the father her baby deserves?


From Duty to Daddy

Army medic Marshall Hunter has never been able to get beautiful Charlotte Laing out of his head, but despite their unforgettable fling his commitment to the forces leaves no time for relationships. Two years on he’s unable to pass one last opportunity to see Charlie again! Except the little girl playing in her garden proves that she’s been able to move on even if he hasn’t. Only, Charlie has a life-changing surprise in store for Marshall.


The Gift of a Child

Jodi Hawke will do anything to save her desperately ill toddler, including facing the only man she’s loved, the only man she had to walk away from - her son’s father, Dr Mitchell Maitland. Mitchell never thought he would see the one woman to haunt his dreams ever again. But the return of his beautiful Jodi comes with another bombshell - he’s a daddy, and his little helpless son is sick. He’s the boy’s only hope.

Want to read more about the Maitland brothers? Then read How to resist a Heartbreaker by Louisa George.


You, Me and a Family

Returning to Nelson Harbour hospital, Dr Alexandra Prendergast sees work as a distraction from the loss of the baby she’d always longed for. But working with single dad Mario Forelli, who’s bringing up his little girl, Sophie, only reinforces dreams of a family that for Alex can never come true.


Christmas with Doctor Delicious

When paramedic Nikki Page learns that the man who shattered her dreams is back in town, she’s horrified. Especially now that Fraser McCall is even more delicious than she remembers. Getting this dreamy doc under the mistletoe is one thing, but Nikki wants more than just a Christmas kiss. This time she wants forever.


Every Boy’s Dream Dad

Husband material or heartbreaker? Ever since her husband’s death in a dangerous police raid, another hero is the last thing Dr Rachel Simmonds wants…until she meets gorgeous local cop Ben Armstrong. He’s the father figure her adorable boy, Riley, desperately needs, and the lover she yearns for, but can Rachel’s fragile heart withstand getting close to another man who faces danger for a living?


The Dangers of Dating Your Boss

For paramedic Ruby Smith, high-risk rescues feel much less dangerous than falling (again) for delicious Dr Jack Forbes - her ex turned new boss. Ruby’s finally ready to settle down, but it seems Jack’s just passing through. With unfinished business between them, Ruby must decide if it going to be fight or flight!


Surgeon in a Wedding Dress

Work has always been a refuge for Dr Sarah Livingstone, no more so than right now! As a bride on the run from her hastily cancelled wedding, a new challenge as temporary surgeon in the coastal town of Port Weston should be the perfect cure for heartache…except the hunky town doctor, brooding Daniel Riley, wants to get up close and personal!

Return of the Maverick

Dr Brad Perano’s return to Blenheim has the town’s rumour mill in overdrive! Nurse Erin Foley is more than intrigued - she’s sure there’s more to the rebellious tearaway-turned-distinguished-doctor than his charming smile. All Brad can offer is a no-commitments fling. Can Erin give this maverick a reason to stay?


Playboy Doctor to Doting Dad

Arriving in Nelson to run the A&E department for two months, Kieran is greeted with not one but three life-changing bombshells: 1) He’ll be working with nurse Abby Brown – he hasn’t seen he since their magical night together two years ago. 2) He’s now daddy to a bouncing tot called Seamus. 3) His buried feelings for Abby make the hospital’s new playboy want to swap all-night parties for reading bedtime stories.


Their Marriage Miracle

Dr Fiona Fraser’s heart skips a beat the moment she lands in Hanmer Springs; she’s about to face Dr Tom Saville, her new boss – and the husband she hasn’t seen for years. They were separated by the heartbreak of losing their baby, and Fiona has found no amount of running away can dull the pain. She longs to build bridges, although her head tell her to keep it strictly professional. But Tom’s incredible smile and sexy charisma might be enough for Fiona to find the reason and courage to take this second chance.

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